Women Killed in Maternity Ward During Labor in Hospital Attack in Aleppo; Two Doctors Along with Several Staffers Killed

Aleppo is witnessing fierce airstrikes amidst the proposed cease fire. The Al-Quds Hospital, a hospital for women and children, was struck Wednesday twice within five minutes in the same location by thermobaric bombs at 10 p.m. Damascus time. At least 35 were killed in the attack, including women in labor, along with their unborn or newborn babies, and babies in incubators.

The attacks claimed the lives of two doctors as well; Dr. Mohammed Waseem Mouaz, one of the very few remaining pediatricians in the area, along with one dentist, Dr. Ahmad Al Mohammed, who left his hometown to provide services in Aleppo.

Several medical staff were also killed including a guard, a technician, and a nurse and her family who lived near the hospital. At least 29 of the victims were women and children including infants and premature babies. A third year medical student is still missing along with several others still buried under the rubble. At least 60 have been wounded, many with life-threatening injuries.

The hospital provided services to 6000 patients per month, including 75 Caesarean Section procedures, 50 women’s surgeries, 50 natural births and 125 intensive care cases. UOSSM occasionally supported the hospital by providing medical supplies and medications.

Dr. Khaula Sawah, CEO of UOSSM USA said, “The destruction of this hospital will have dire consequences as it was the only hospital in the besieged area providing services to over 100,000 people, this will lead to more deaths, and the downfall of the already deteriorating health care system in the area.”

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Syria has been under a ceasefire since February 27, in observance of the United Nations Resolution 2254, that was passed in December 2015. Since then there have been numerous attacks on medical facilities killing and wounding many. Earlier in April another doctor, Dr. Hassan Al-Araj, the lead doctor of Hama’s Medical Directorate was killed in a targeted airstrike.