UOSSM’s Immediate Response to the Catastrophic Earthquake

The devastating earthquake that caused catastrophic damage in Turkey and Syria on February 6, has killed over 42,000 people, tens of thousands have been injured, and thousands upon thousands have been displaced. Sadly, the death toll continues to rise. There is little hope to find any more survivors, but every day, we do hear of miracle stories of survival.

In northwest Syria,  our hospitals and medical facilities have been overwhelmed with the massive influx of patients in need of urgent medical care. Many of those victims are suffering from Crush Syndrome after being pulled from under the rubble of collapsed buildings.

Years of war and bombings, COVID-19, and the Cholera outbreak, already has pushed the medical sector to its limits. The earthquake added a humanitarian crisis on top of the already existing humanitarian crisis. The situation is dire. There is a shortage of doctors and staff, medical equipment, medical consumables and medicines.

We immediately deployed additional mobile clinics, integrated with medical and mental health care to victims of the hardest hit areas of destruction, like Jandaris. Currently, we are operating 10 mobile clinics, 30 health facilities, and 62 ambulances. Between February 6 and February 15, we provided 15,273 patients with 19,845 consultations, provided 528 major surgeries, and 128 minor surgeries.

In addition, through our local partners Hathi Hayati, on the ground, we have helped with rescue and recovery, provided shelter, food, clothes, food and non food items.