UOSSM PHC and Two Other Hospitals Attacked by Airstrikes in Homs

Washington DC- The UOSSM Al-Zaafaraneh PHC was targeted in Homs along with two major hospitals in the past two days. All three were put out of service leaving thousands without access to medical care.
On Sunday at 10:25 a.m. Damascus time the UOSSM Al-Zaafaraneh PHC was targeted by an airstrike, which struck an area 30 feet away from the hospital. The center was lightly damaged and put out of service. The center provided services to approximately 6000 people a month.
At the same time the Zaafaraneh Surgical Hospital was also attacked and put out of service. One security guard was killed and one hospital employee was injured.
Today, at 11 a.m. Damascus time, the Rastan Hospital was attacked and put out of service.
The situation in the suburbs of Homs is rapidly deteriorating as the area with 150,000 civilians, has come under heavy bombardment. Reports indicate hundreds of barrel bombs have been dropped in the past three days.
Dr. Ghanem Tayara, Chairman of UOSSM International and Birmingham GP said, “What we are seeing in Homs right now is no different to what we have seen in Ghouta, Aleppo and many other parts of Syria. Doctors and medical staff are terrified. It’s not a question of if their medical facilities will be attacked, but when. The forced displacement strategy of bombing of civilian areas, targeting hospitals, schools and civilian infrastructure must stop. These are clear war crimes and the international community must hold the perpetrators accountable.”