UOSSM Alerted and Highly Concerned by Relentless Attacks on Gaza’s Hospitals; Urges Immediate Ceasefire

Edinburg, TX – UOSSM is deeply concerned with the attacks on hospitals in the past week. Gaza’s hospitals have endured relentless attacks, marking a distressing escalation in a month-long series of assaults on health facilities. Local health authorities in Gaza are reporting the loss of nearly 200 healthcare workers during the past five weeks. The critical shortage of power, water, and fuel are further compounding the dire situation and functionality of the remaining health facilities. The health system is on the verge of collapse, as the World Health Organization warns that the health system is “on its knees” as half of Gaza’s hospitals, and two-thirds of its primary health care centers are non-operational.

UOSSM urgently calls on the international community to demand an immediate ceasefire, emphasizing that health facilities must never be targeted. As an organization with over a decade of experience working in conflict zones, UOSSM has witnessed first-hand the devastating consequences of attacks on health infrastructure.

Dr Ghanem Tayara, president of UOSSM International said: “Once again, we go through a conflict in which we witness undeniable disregard to civilians and humanitarian workers, the bloodshed must cease. The primary obligation of protection of healthcare facilities is non-negotiable. Essential civilian infrastructure, crucial for people’s daily lives such as hospitals, electricity, and water, must be preserved, not targeted.”

Access to healthcare is a fundamental human right, and the denial of such access amplifies the suffering of those already in distressing situations.

UOSSM stands in solidarity with health and humanitarian personnel and urgently calls for unimpeded granted access for organizations to alleviate the escalating human suffering. The pressing needs underscore the critical importance of exercising restraint and adhering to international humanitarian law. UOSSM appeals to the international community to intervene, ensuring immediate access for humanitarian aid to those in desperate need. Swift access to supplies and humanitarian actors is of paramount importance.

Dr. Khaula Sawah, President of UOSSM USA said, “It is deeply distressing to see healthcare facilities being bombed as people are in desperate need of medical care. The international community must take a firm stand and put an immediate stop on attacks on health facilities. No human should ever be denied their right to safe access of medical care.”