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Please support our work and help us continue to reach the most vulnerable with our lifesaving and vital medical services.

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UOSSM has been responding to the crisis in Ukraine by providing expertise gained from over 10 years of war in Syria through medical missions and training. UOSSM continues to respond to the crisis in Ukraine 

But the war is raging on in Ukraine and war injuries continue to threaten the lives of innocent civilians. We would like to help save lives by providing more vital surgical training to surgeons from the experience we gained working through the war in Syria for over 10 years. We are planning our fifth medical mission in a few weeks, but cannot do it without your help! The cost of the medical mission is $30,000. These trainings will ultimately SAVE LIVES.
Please support our work; their lives depend on YOU! Please help us save lives in Ukraine!

Thanks to our supporters, we have already completed 4 medical missions, provided care to over 1000 displaced civilians in our 2  medical clinics, provided specialized war-zone medical training to over 100 doctors and healthcare providers, including surgical Hostile Environment Surgical Training (HEST) with Dr. David Nott,  and conducted several complicated reconstructive and plastic surgeries to patients (victims of war weapons) in 7 different hospitals throughout major regions throughout Ukraine. Over 40 doctors observed and received training in these surgeries! 

We would like to continue to support the people and doctors of Ukraine with medical and humanitarian and vital trainings to doctors and surgeons from our experience in Syria. 

But, we cannot do this without YOUR support. Please help us so we can continue this mission together and provide a greater impact. Every dollar will make a difference and help us reach the most vulnerable victims and build the local medical capacity to handle the war injuries in Ukraine.

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Your support of our mission is enabling us to continue providing humanitarian medical relief, emergency aid, and health care services to people affected by crisis. Our work involves constantly responding to emergencies and meet the evolving needs. Having our funds unrestricted allows us the flexibility to allocate funds to where they are most needed. Thank you for your support.

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