September 2021 Newsletter

Walking on Sunshine

Mariam was only 10 years old when she got sick and lost the ability to walk. She ​wasn’t able to bend her elbows or arms ​and couldn’t even eat on her own, so she was completely dependent on others. Although she had limited knee movement, Mariam would place pieces of iron on her knees to help her move around.

For the next 14 years, doctors told Mariam she wasn’t able to have surgery to repair her condition. But that all changed when Mariam, at the age of 24​,consulted with Dr. Muhammad Al Omar, an orthopedic surgeon. He advised Mariam to undergo surgery followed by extensive physiotherapy. After several months of therapy, Mariam slowly regained movement in her legs and left arm. She was finally able to take her first steps in an upright position, and even go up and down the stairs on her own.

Thanks to YOUR gift, Mariam ​is now ​all smile​s – proud of her progress and excited that she can walk once again!

Together, we are saving lives and building hope.

Agreement Signed to Implement Telemedicine Program in Northern Syria

Due to the shortage of doctors and medical staff in northwest Syria, the medical sector had to come up with innovative ways to meet the gap.

On September 3, 2021, UOSSM signed an agreement with SEMA and Hand in Hand for aid and development (HIHFAD) to implement a telemedicine program. As part of the Health Integrated Resilience System (HIRS), this program enables patients to receive specialized medical care remotely and includes medical services such as consultations, basic care, and follow up. Specialty doctors offering care through the telemedicine program include psychological, pediatric, and intensive care.

Supported by the Humanitarian Grand Challenge​, this is the first beta program of its kind in northwest Syria.

Ongoing Psychological Support Through UOSSM Helpline in Northwest Syria

In response to the alarming escalation of COVID-19 cases in northwest Syria, UOSSM continues to provide psychological support through its helpline.

Led by a psychiatrist, a team of 4 psychosocial support workers (PSWs) provide teleservices consultations to callers from Turkey and the Euphrates region (to include the districts of Al Bab, Jarablus, and Afrin). This project is made possible thanks to the support of WHO.

 Polio Vaccination Campaigns Continue in Northern Syria

In response to a polio outbreak in northern Syria dating back to 2014, UOSSM has been conducting polio vaccine campaigns each year. However, to maintain the achieved immunity level in children, and raise immunity among adults and internally displaced persons (IDPs) it is critical to relaunch these campaigns against the polio virus (types 1 and 3).

In collaboration with Syria Immunization Group (SIG), and the technical support and supervision of WHO and UNICEF, UOSSM plans to implement the latest polio vaccination campaign in northwest Syria targeting children under the age of five.

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Did you know?

Since 2012, UOSSM has been providing emergency medical relief and healthcare services to the Syrian people affected by the crisis, working primarily inside Syria as well as with Syrian refugees in Turkey.

In 2020 UOSSM provided:

medical services to almost 1 million people in Syria and Turkey

primary health care services to over 582,000 people

protection services to over 55,000 people

over 281,000 beneficiaries with nutrition services focused on women and children

care to over 34,000 people through our mental health and psychosocial support program

health care services to over 1 million patients  at Bab Al Hawa Hospital through the end of 2019

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