Press Release: Ghouta Doctors Sound Alarm Over Emergency C-Sections, Siege Endangering Newborns

Geneva, Switzerland – Doctors in Eastern Ghouta performed 15 caesarean sections out of a total of 30 births yesterday. The doctors complain that they are being forced to do caesareans as the intense besiegement makes it difficult for expecting mothers to predict when they can safely go to the hospital. The risk of complications for the mother and child are compounded by the lack of; incubators, medical equipment and staff to perform follow up care, not to mention the continuous airstrikes against medical facilities. Doctors plead for the bombardment to stop and for medical supplies and equipment to be allowed into Ghouta.
“Pregnant women are traumatized by these attacks. The situation is forcing them to give birth when they can. Because of the siege and blockade on aid, these doctors are already in a bad position to give these mothers the care they need. This is inhumane and these attacks must stop” Said Dr. Ghanem Tayara, Birmingham GP and Chairman of UOSSM International.
From February 18, 2018 to March 17, 2018, 1511 civilians have been killed including 220 children and 198 women in Eastern Ghouta. The latest reports indicate 6,000 people have been forced to flee Ghouta yesterday with over 40,000 people displaced in the past 7 days. Today, a medical warehouse, which received the last convoy of medical aid, was hit by an airstrike and severely damaged.
UOSSM Demands:
1)    The use of incendiary weapons (phosphorous), chlorine gas, barrel bombs and other prohibited weapons against civilains is stopped immediately.
2)    That medical facilities in Ghouta and through out Syria are no longer targeted.
3)    That UNSCr 2401 is enforced to maintain a ceasefire throughout Syria.
4)    Those fleeing the besiegement in Eastern Ghouta are provided safe passage by the UN.
5)    That food and medical aid is provided immediately inside Ghouta and to those fleeing the violence.