Our Programs in Turkey


UOSSM launched its first medical mission and healthcare programs to Syria and Turkey in response to the Syrian crisis in early 2012. As a leader, expert, and innovator, UOSSM has played an integral role in the mental health and healthcare in the Syrian crisis. UOSSM established strategic initiatives early on in the crisis, working closely with  local communities, the most vulnerable, particularly women and children, and international agencies and organizations, providing healthcare services to millions of people in need.

UOSSM has led the way by taking new initiatives to find constantly evolving solutions for the growing health problems in Syria. One of UOSSM's major initiatives is the strategic establishment and operation of Bab Al-Hawa Hospital, the most advanced referral emergency and specialty hospital in northern Syria. In addition, UOSSM established the only inpatient acute mental health unit in northern Syria and the first mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) centers, with Tele-Psychiatry support, in Syria and Turkey.

UOSSM’s other initiatives include primary healthcare centers, maternal units, mobile clinics, nutrition, and protection services. Another major initiative of UOSSM was the establishment of the largest specialized warzone medical training center in Bab Al-Hawa in northern Syria in response to the urgent need for building the capacity of remaining health workers in the region. UOSSM had also supported a mental health center for children refugees with special needs in Lebanon, provided medical training to healthcare workers in Yemen, and currently operates, through UOSSM-Canada, a dental clinic in Bangladesh in response to the Rohingya crisis.

About the Syrian Crisis and Syrian Refugees in Turkey

The Syrian crisis continues to have a major impact on people in all countries. The poverty rate among Syrian refugees in neighboring countries is: Jordan- 80%, Lebanon-71%, Turkey- 64%, and Iraq- 37%. The Syrian crisis will continue to negatively affect people for years to come as attacks, poverty, food insecurity, malnutrition and disease continue to ponder in areas of distress...

According to the Refugees International, September 2019 report, “Turkey hosts the world’s largest refugee population...

Current Programs in Turkey

Current Programs in Turkey