Our Programs in Jordan

Mobile Clinic

In 2018, UOSSM USA operated a mobile clinic in southern Syria in the Shayah Farms area.

The mobile clinic provided essential medical care to an area of 19,000 internally displaced persons, half of which were children. The mobile clinic focused on the care of women and children while providing other vital healthcare services to others. The mobile clinic also focused on providing nutrition services to detect, prevent and treat malnutrition. Over 8000 people received services at the mobile clinic until services were suspended due to the situation on the ground.

Bareeq Education Center Partnership

In 2021, UOSSM USA’s Jordan office partnered with Bareeq Education Center to launch the academic enrichment program for refugee students and underserved Jordanian children, grades 1-12 in Amman, Jordan. The courses offered include Arabic, English, Math, Physics, Mental Math, and Chemistry.

In addition, fun activities and competitions are provided for the students including soccer, chess, art, and other entertaining events.

Mental Health and Psychosocial Support

Bareeq and UOSSM USA piloted integrating a Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) program in the educational center. The center offers group and individual MHPSS sessions to mothers and students, and also provides capacity building for teachers and staff to recognize mental health issues including trauma and illness.

If teachers detect mental health issues in students, they are first sent to the PSS center for PSS first aid, and to begin sessions. If the mental health illness is more severe, the patient is referred to our partner in Jordan for more specialized MHPSS care.

Since July 2021, at least 150 people have joined PSS sessions including individual, group, training and consultations.

Emergency Humanitarian Relief

The UOSSM USA - Jordan office has provided humanitarian relief with food and emergency aid in areas of crisis in southern Syria and Jordan to poor and needy families. Such initiatives include essential food distribution, and provision of medical supplies and medicines to hard-to-reach areas in Syria.


Since 2020, the UOSSM USA – Jordan office has distributed Adahi meat to refugee and needy Jordanian families.

In 2021, UOSSM USA partnered with Hathi Hayati for the distribution of essential foods to refugee and needy families in Jordan, such as distribution of Adahi meat. Over 300 families received meat at time of distribution.

Daraa Relief

UOSSM USA’s Jordan office responded by purchasing and distributing essential food to displaced and needy families, and purchased and distributed medicines to local medical facilities.