November 2023 Newsletter

November Newsletter


Providing Medical Care in Jordan

UOSSM USA continues to provide medical care in Jordan, in partnership with Altakaful Health Center. Some of the medical services provided are specialty medicine clinics, including endocrinology, diabetes, family medicine, kidney and urology surgery, orthopedic and joint surgery, community medicine, general medicine, and psychological support services.

Nearly 190 patients of different nationalities and ages and from various governorates of Jordan received medical care throughout the month of November.


Launching Mental Health Training Program

It is with great pride that we announce the launching of our landmark training program, offered in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO).

This 4-day Mental Health Gap Training of Trainers (ToT) training program was offered in Gaziantep, Turkey, and aimed to strengthen mental health and psychosocial support services in northwest Syria.

24 doctors and nurses participated and received intensive training to develop their knowledge and skills in this field. Upon course completion, participants will continue to develop their skills through two-month field supervision, which includes individual and group supervision sessions.


Capacity Building Skills for Resident Doctors

Syrian Board of Medical Specialties (SBOMS) completed the Abdominal Ultrasound Course which was attended by 21 internal medicine resident doctors. The course lasted for five days.

The Abdominal Ultrasound Course taught the following skills:

-How to get tested with echocardiogram

-Abdominal aortic examination

-Echocardiogram scan in cases of bruising

-Chest and lung echocardiogram examination

-Cardiac echocardiogram examination

-Examination of the polycarbonate system

-Examination of gallbladder and bile methods of echocardiogram

After a study, this course was found to be among the most important trainings needed by resident doctors in the area.

These activities are all part of the Research for Health Systems Strengthening in Northern Syria (R4HSSS) project.


Enhancing Skills of Resident Doctors in Ventilation

Ten internal medicine resident doctors completed the training course in Mechanical Ventilation provided by Syrian Board of Medical Specialties (SBOMS). Spanning over the course of two days this course delved into both theoretical foundations and hands-on practical applications, proving instrumental in shaping the capabilities of resident doctors.

The initial day of training included theoretical lectures on the principles of oxygen therapy and breath physiology, and the nuances of machine and non-invasive ventilation and vent settings. The curriculum also covered ventilator settings tailored to diverse medical cases, offering insights into the crucial process of weaning patients from ventilation.

The second day concluded with practical training sessions, where doctors gained hands on experience identifying vent components, installing circuits, and controlling ventilation settings.

The resident doctors, accompanied by a supervising doctor, visited intensive care patients in a hospital setting.

Recognized as one of the most vital training initiatives by the division of training and continuing medical education, this course is a pivotal component of the R4HSS Project. This project aims to strengthen the health system in northern Syria.


Mental Health Care Continues at Sarmada MH Hospital

The Sarmada Mental Health Hospital is continuing to provide specialized care for adults suffering from severe psychological disorders. The hospital has a wing designated for males with a capacity of up to 15 beds and another wing for females with a capacity of up to 5 beds.

The hospital treats conditions such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, major depression with psychotic symptoms, and cases of self-risk or suicide, and provides the necessary support to patients through sports, social and concentration activities that help them speed up the treatment process.


From Silence to Speech: Marwan’s Journey of Hope

Amid harrowing living conditions, such as war, health issues often linger unnoticed. This was the case for Marwan, a young boy displaced to northern Idlib with his family. Marwan’s mother observed his struggle with hearing and speech at the age of six. Despite consulting multiple doctors who diagnosed profound hearing loss, hope was rekindled when Marwan received a cochlear implant in Turkey.

Marwan’s path to recovery continued at Al-Hikma Specialty Hospital, where Maryam, a specialist in speech and hearing rehabilitation, created a treatment plan. In just a few sessions, a remarkable improvement in Marwan’s ability to hear and speak became evident. He is currently working on auditory discrimination, memorizing words, and articulating them with clarity.

Marwan’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of early intervention and specialized care. With your support, we can continue to provide these essential services to vulnerable individuals like Marwan, fostering hope and building brighter futures every single day.

Join us in making a difference. Together, we are not just saving lives – we are building hope.

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