November 2021 Newsletter

Your Gift Helps Put Smiles on Their Faces

​Young Asaad ​had a rather bad fall and ​considered himself lucky not to have broken any bones. He did ​end up with a cracked tooth which interfered with his ability to eat or even drink from a glass for fear that it would chip even more. Assad was taken to the UOSSM Maarat Masreen Primary Health Care Center with hopes of saving the broken tooth.
​There, he met Dr. Ayman, a dentist who repaired his broken tooth. Now Asaad is able to smile ​again with confidence.
​Thanks to supporters ​like you, we are helping​ children like Asaad find a reason to smile each and every day.
Together, we are saving lives and building hope.

Helping Displaced Families this Winter

Winter is upon us, ushering in a season of even harsher conditions for millions (and counting) of displaced Syrians and refugees in Jordan. These Syrian families, huddled up in their fragile, make-shift tents, are now battling the forces of Mother Nature in addition to that of the global pandemic. Sadly, COVID-19 cases in the camps have risen to a 55% positivity rate. As the hunger and exhaustion mounts, there is an overwhelming need to protect these Syrian families (75% of whom are women and children) from the ravages of the cold, wet winter. 

We are distributing winterization kits which include tents, blankets, food essentials and hygiene kits to displaced families in Syria and Jordan. Click here if you would like to support these families this winter!

Together, we can help alleviate their suffering.

 Growing Need for Tele-Mental Health Services

The COVID-19 pandemic ​highlighted the growing need for telemedicine services, particularly those of tele-mental health.

In the past year alone, ​a medical team of 4 mental health workers led by a psychiatrist, provided more than 1​,025 tele-mental health sessions to over 310 patients ​in northern Syria.

Tele-health services are vital to help patients in hard-to-reach areas, or who are unable to reach medical services, receive the care they need. With your support, UOSSM aims to ensure that everyone has access to those medical services.

Expanded Program on Immunization in Northern Syria – UPDATE

The Syria Immunization Group (SIG), in close cooperation with WHO, UNICEF, and other NGOs on the ground in northern Syria, plan to sustain services of the Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI). This program was halted for five years between 2012-2016 due to the war and was launched again in 2017.

The routine immunization program targets children under the age of one with the following antigens: BCG, Hep B 0, OPV, IPV, Penta, and MMR, school age children (first through sixth grade), females in childbearing age (CBA) (15-49) with the TD vaccine, especially for pregnant women.

UOSSM aims to maintain this collaboration with WHO to help with the costs of covering the routine immunization program ​(in 4 centers​) and waste management (for all 93 vaccination centers).

 Ending Violence Against Women 

1 in 3 women is exposed to violence at least once in their lifetimes. During times of crisis such as, war, displacement, and even the COVID-19 pandemic, those numbers rise even more.

On November 25th through December 10th, the UOSSM protection team ran a campaign to end the violence against women and girls with the slogan “We Must Put an End to Violence Against Women Now!”

The UOSSM protection team ​​collaborated with the WGSS Center in Dayr Hassan to promote this campaign and raise awareness. Topics focused on social violence such as emotional abuse, physical abuse, social stigma, and ​childhood marriage. In addition, accomplishments, and success stories, from women that escaped violence were shared.

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Did you know?

Since 2012, UOSSM has been providing emergency medical relief and healthcare services to the Syrian people affected by the crisis, working primarily inside Syria as well as with Syrian refugees in Turkey.

In 2020 UOSSM provided:

medical services to almost 1 million people in Syria and Turkey

primary health care services to over 582,000 people

protection services to over 55,000 people

nutrition services focused on women and children to over 281,000 beneficiaries

care to over 34,000 people through our mental health and psychosocial support program

health care services to over 1 million patients  at Bab Al Hawa Hospital through the end of 2019

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