January 2019

UOSSM Celebrates Seven Years of Humanitarian Work

In the past seven years UOSSM executed many projects and partnerships with international donors, international organizations, United Nations affiliates, and local and international nonprofit organizations, based on international standards. For the past seven years UOSSM has been providing quality medical services to those who need it most. UOSSM would like to thank its supporters, and donors for their constant support, and trust in UOSSM’s humanitarian work. UOSSM would also like to thank its dedicated staff for their amazing work within the organization. Together, we are saving lives and building hope!

UOSSM Protection Team Responds to Flooding Emergency in Northern Syria

UOSSM Protection Teams responded to the flooding emergency in Northern Syria by registering children affected to receive assistance, clothing, and winter kits from UNICEF. Many homes/tents and personal belongings were destroyed by the torrential rainfall and flooding, causing the internally displaced to live in extremely difficult conditions. UOSSM Protection Teams also registered special needs children, unattended children and children separated from their families to receive the appropriate services. The area continued to experience extreme cold, flooding and snow throughout the month.

UOSSM Protection Teams Provide Remnants of War/Landmines Awareness Campaign

UOSSM Protection Teams provided remnants of war awareness campaigns to almost 1400 children in Afreen, Syria. Children were taught what remnants of war look like, what to do in case they see unexploded devices and how they can be harmed by them. These awareness campaigns are vital to saving lives of people unaware of the dangers remnants of war and landmines pose.

UOSSM Bab Al-Hawa Hospital Provides Services to almost 1 Million

UOSSM Bab Al-Hawa Hospital was established in 2012 with the mission of providing emergency services to the largest possible number of patients via the emergency department and emergency surgery department. BHH has expanded and now consists of 14 departments with the largest being the specialty surgery department which consists of 9 operating rooms including a cardiac care room. BHH also has 14 outpatient clinics making it one of the largest hospitals in Northern Syria and has provided care to almost 1 million people since establishment.

Impact Story- Judy: A Child from Ghouta

Little Judy has known nothing but war all her life. She has survived the unimaginable. Judy is from Ghouta… An area in the Damascus countryside that beared the brunt of the brutal war in Syria for over five years. The area was under siege and continuous bombardment. Judy lived in Ghouta, spending months in underground shelters with terrible living conditions under fierce bombardment. She was exposed to explosives and two chlorine attacks. Ten days before her family was forcibly displaced, Judy became very ill; she had a terrible cough and high fever. She couldn’t even eat anymore.

Judy’s family was displaced to Northern Syria, doctors at the evacuation point referred her immediately to an area hospital. Her condition remained severe and doctors diagnosed her with an abscess in her lung. She was transferred to UOSSM Bab Al-Hawa Hospital where she had to have surgery in her chest. Judy received continuous care for over a month after the surgery and was finally given a clean bill of health. Children like Judy receive the medical care they so desperately need because of supporters like you.