How to Help Syrian Refugees in 2022: 5 Ways to Offer Support

The ongoing Syrian civil war started in 2011 and continues to threaten an alarming number of lives even ten years after it first broke out. Numerous individuals, including children, the elderly, and persons with disabilities live under constant fear and deprivation. Many necessary facilities like hospitals and water treatment establishments have now been destroyed, and the economy is continuously struggling.

The war has forced millions of Syrian refugees to flee to neighboring countries, such as Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, and Turkey. An overwhelming number of them live in poverty, and many children are now out of school, deprived of the education they need to rebuild their lives and the future of their country.

The global pandemic has worsened the situation for many displaced individuals, and they heavily rely on our support to get by. Here are some ways to help Syrian refugees in 2021:

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1 – Provide One-Time or Monthly Donations

Whether you contribute once or offer continued support, donations can go a long way to help Syrian refugees. Your generous gifts will be used to provide many forms of assistance, such as medical aid, food, mental health, protection services, shelter, and education. You can also sponsor their healthcare and other needs if you wish to provide extensive assistance. Even small contributions can save lives and give displaced individuals what they need to survive.

2 – Launch a Fundraiser

Fundraisers are an excellent way to provide relief to Syrian refugees, and there are many ways to host these charitable events. One popular way to do so is to use Facebook’s birthday fundraiser feature, which you can usually find on your birthday. What better way is there to celebrate your special day than by offering your support to those who need it most?

3 – Host Refugees in Your Home

The Syrian civil war has forced millions of people out of their homes, and many families now live without shelter. If you have spare space in your house and want to provide a safe sanctuary for displaced individuals, you can volunteer to temporarily host Syrian refugees and help them focus on finding work or receiving education.

4 – Do Some Volunteer Work

Aside from donating money and commodities, you can also offer your support to Syrian refugees by doing some volunteer work. You can help in many ways, such as participating in fundraising events, hosting social media campaigns, providing medical aid for wounds, mentoring Syrian children, and distributing necessities to affected families. Numerous organizations give opportunities for willing people to volunteer.

5 – Become an Advocate

Becoming an advocate for Syrian refugees allows more individuals to learn about the unrest in the nation and the countless families who require assistance. It enables you to amplify the voices of those in need and invite more people to get involved in providing medical relief, food, education, and other forms of help to displaced individuals.

Work with Non-profit Organizations for Syrian Refugees

The past decade has gravely affected many Syrian families and deprived them of their needs and rights. Even ten years after the start of the unrest, it continues to put millions of lives at risk. Fortunately, there are many ways to help refugees in 2021, such as donating, fundraising, providing shelter, volunteering, and providing a voice to the voiceless.

If you’re looking to donate to non-profit organizations for Syrian refugees, the Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations-USA (UOSSM USA) is an excellent place to start. We provide impartial life-saving support, medical relief, and quality healthcare to displaced individuals, giving them ways to survive the ongoing turmoil that threatens their lives. Join us in helping today!

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