Provide Emergency
Relief to Syrian Orphans

Help provide medical aid and relief to orphaned earthquake victims in Syria.
They need YOUR support!

The earthquake crisis along the Syria-Turkish border has left hundreds of Syrian children orphaned, homeless, and facing lifelong medical and psychosocial injuries. 

We are expanding on new and ongoing efforts to provide these children with medical and surgical care, psychological support, familial sponsorships, food and shelter, and so much more.

UOSSM began providing immediate earthquake relief on the ground providing medical care, including mental health services through our mobile clinics, tele health services, and emergency humanitarian relief,  in Syria and Turkey.

We need your help to support these children. Precious lives are at stake, they are counting on YOU!

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Your support of our mission is enabling us to continue providing humanitarian medical relief, emergency aid, and health care services to people affected by crisis. Our work involves constantly responding to emergencies and meet the evolving needs. Having our funds unrestricted allows us the flexibility to allocate funds to where they are most needed. Thank you for your support.

Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations-USA (UOSSM USA) is a nonprofit, medical humanitarian organization that provides impartial lifesaving support, medical relief, and access to high-impact, cost-effective, quality healthcare and mental health services to people affected by crisis, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, gender, religion, or political affiliation.