Gaza Humanitarian Crisis - Provide Emergency
Medical Relief to the Most Vulnerable

The situation in Gaza is dire. Over 2 million people, half of which are children, are facing a humanitarian crisis. The recent war in Gaza left countless families and children needing immediate medical attention and basic necessities like water, food, and shelter. Water, food, electricity, basic needs, and medical supplies were cut off while complete neighborhoods were demolished. Many innocent civilians were killed or injured. Many hospitals were destroyed or dysfunctional. With lack of power and operating generators, the remaining operating hospitals no longer have the ability to provide care to those in desperate need.

UOSSM USA is collaborating with reputable and credible organizations, like Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization (JHCO), to provide humanitarian, medical relief.

Help us provide support to the most vulnerable families in desperate need. Innocent lives are counting on you. The funds will be directed to support humanitarian and medical relief efforts of innocent families and children. We adhere to global humanitarian principles and comply with OFAC regulations.

Help us support the most vulnerable. Precious lives are counting on YOU!

UOSSM USA urgently needs your help to provide vital humanitarian and medical relief to the affected families and to the vulnerable children. Please donate to support our efforts. 

 UOSSM USA (Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations-USA), is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) charitable, independent, medical humanitarian organization, incorporated in the state of Texas, founded by healthcare professionals. We provide life-saving aid, medical care, mental health and protection services, to crisis-affected individuals, irrespective of nationality, ethnicity, gender, religion, or political affiliation, and strengthen education, healthcare systems, and community programs, fostering wellbeing and resilience for sustainable recovery. We work globally in collaboration with local communities and organizations to fulfill our mission, remaining resolutely non-political and non-sectarian.