Failure to Renew Cross Border Resolution Will Put Millions of Lives at Risk in Northwest Syria

Edinburg, TX – As winter settles in bringing even more misery to the Syrian people, the looming threat of the failure to renew the United Nations Security Council Cross Border Resolution 2504 will put millions of lives in danger in northwest Syria. The vote is scheduled for January 10, 2023.

International funding has already decreased significantly in the region causing the loss of vital facilities, further adding to the suffering of over 4 million people at unprecedented levels. The spread of diseases and epidemics are an imminent threat if food and clean water deliveries are halted. Over 3 million people in the region are food insecure. Ongoing internal displacement continues to cause a rise in food and medical needs.

Winter continues to be the harshest time of year for displaced families. Last year, 30% of displacement camps were flooded by rain or snow.

According to the Syrian NGO Alliance (SNA), closing the border will lead to the closure of approximately 70 hospitals, over 180 health care centers, and over 80 mobile clinics that provide medical and primary health care services to over 4 million people in northwest Syria. This border crossing is considered a lifeline and is vital for millions in northwest Syria.

Dr. Khaula Sawah, President of UOSSM USA said, “Decisions on humanitarian aid should only be based on the extent of human need and suffering and not on politics. There are millions that will suffer if this lifeline is closed. We call on the international community to extend the resolution to ensure the most basic human needs, which is the bare minimum guaranteed by international laws. The resolution extension will ultimately save lives.”

Displaced children in northwest Syria