Doctors in Eastern Ghouta Overwhelmed With Influx of Patients Wounded by Intensified Attacks

Washington DC- Doctors and medical facilities in Eastern Ghouta are overwhelmed by the influx of patients wounded and injured by rapidly intensifying attacks. Hundreds of airstrikes in civilian areas, including cluster bombs, which are indiscriminate in nature and prohibited by international law, are causing massive civilian casualties.
Medical services in many areas were shut down for the safety of medical staff, patients and facilities. Surgical supplies and medicines are running low in functioning medical facilities. I B Gaburah, was another victim of the siege, the young woman died yesterday from lack of medicine and malnutrition.
Three White Helmets (Syrian Civil Defense Workers) were killed today during a rescue in Eastern Ghouta in a “double tap” attack by a warplane. The “double tap” attack is a strategy used to target aid first responders, and maximize the number of casualties.
WFP food centers were targeted and destroyed this week further compounding the malnutrition and suffering in Eastern Ghouta. There are also reports of chlorine gas and napalm being used. UOSSM, in the strongest terms, demands immediate impartial humanitarian access for aid convoys to deliver food, medicine and medical supplies.
Kathleen Rowan, CEO of UOSSM USA said, “We want to offer our sincere condolences to the families of the brave White Helmets, who lost their lives while serving others. We condemn these attacks in the strongest possible terms. Not only are people besieged with little or no access to medical care and medications, but now adding to their anguish, they are under a fierce bombardment. We call on the international community and all responsible parties, to demand the entry of impartial humanitarian aid, and to stop the indiscriminate attacks on civilians.”
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