December 2019

Humanitarian Situation Dire in Idlib as Bombardment Continues

The humanitarian situation in northern Syria continues to deteriorate as the bombardment continues. At least 300,000 have been newly displaced from their homes with nowhere to go. Many of these families are living in unimaginable conditions, without even a tent to protect them from the brutal cold. Many of the displaced are children and women.

Since April 2019 at least 68 medical facilities have been targeted and thousands of civilians have been killed and wounded. UOSSM is on the ground, responding to the crisis with increased mobile clinics. Please click the donate button to support the people of Syria with medical relief.

UOSSM Launches Emergency Response for the Displaced in Idlib

The continuous bombardment of areas in southern Idlib caused mass displacement as civilians flee to escape continuous air strikes and bombings. In response, UOSSM began providing medical care in 15 locations of the newly displaced via mobile clinics, mental health and community services teams.

The Syrian NGO Alliance Launches “Winter is Coming” Campaign

In early November, The Syrian NGO Alliance launched the “Winter is coming” campaign. The Syrian NGO Alliance, is a coalition of non-governmental Syrian organizations (including UOSSM). The campaign aims to protect the displaced in Syria from the adverse effects of winter.

Impact Story-Successful Operation in UOSSM Bab Al-Hawa Hospital Ends Suffering of Young Man

A young man suffered from pain for over 23 years due to a severe case of Trigeminal Neuralgia, causing the inability to speak or eat. After spending years under medication without improvement, the patient was admitted to UOSSM Bab Al-Hawa Hospital for treatment. The patient underwent an MRI and then a microscopic surgical procedure, where the cause for constant pain was discovered and corrected. The patient is no longer suffering. thanks to the skilled doctors that performed the surgery in Bab Al-Hawa Hospital.