COVID-19 Response in Syria

COVID-19 has made its way into northern Syria. The spread of this virus is an imminent threat, and the results could be catastrophic. The healthcare system has been decimated, after bombing campaigns that targeted medical facilities, people’s immunity is weak, many are malnourished, clean water and soap are scarce, and people are living in densely populated displacement camps with no option for social distancing.

There are over 4 million people, only 600 doctors, 201 ICU beds, and 95 ventilators, most of which are in use.

In response to the potentially catastrophic situation, UOSSM has directly contributed to the joint efforts of the COVID-19 innovative Idlib response in northwest Syria, coordinated by WHO in the region. One of the unique aspects of this initiative is the proactive measures taken to reduce the spread of the virus. If there is a suspected case of COVID-19, the patient is sent to a community-based isolation centers (CBICs) for further evaluation and treatment. This process has helped contain a widespread outbreak of the coronavirus in crowded displacement camps and other areas in northwest Syria.

A UOSSM community health worker teaches a young girl and other children on how to properly wear masks to protect from COVID-19, in one of several camps of displacement throughout Idlib district northwest Syria.

UOSSM has been working tirelessly to stop the spread of the virus with an emergency plan implementing the following proactive measures:

Supporting primary health care centers (PHC’s)

Establishing and operating community-based isolation centers (CBICs)

Sterilizing displacement camps

Distributing N95 masks and other personal protection equipment (PPE) to hospitals and health care centers in northern Syria.

Distributing nutrition and food baskets and hygiene kits containing sanitizing and personal care items

Maintaining oxygen stations and establishment of new oxygen generation stations

Establishing a distance-learning center in Afrin

Providing awareness and training on COVID-19 to medical and administrative personnel

Distributing educational awareness brochures about COVID-19 in areas of displacement

A UOSSM doctor checking the temperature and caring for a COVID-19 patient at UOSSM isolation center in Idlib district in northwest Syria.

UOSSM worker sterilizing displacement camps in northwest Syria.

A UOSSM COVID-19 isolation center in Idlib district in northwest Syria.

UOSSM community health worker providing an awareness session to the general public and displaced people in northwest Syria.