Chemical Weapon Attack in Latamneh, Hama Injures 70, Including Medical Staff

Washington, DC- The Latamneh area in the suburbs of Hama was hit today by an airstrike which deployed a chemical weapons agent. At least 70 civilians, including medical personnel, were injured from exposure to the chemical agent. Patients were taken to area hospitals and were experiencing the following symptoms: nausea, agitation, foaming of the mouth, muscle spasms, and pinpoint pupils. Two patients went into cardiac arrest. No deaths have been reported.

The patients had their clothing removed, were washed with soap and water, and treated with atropine and hydrocortisone.

Many medical staff and ambulance drivers were also injured, and experienced bronchial irritation as they were transporting and treating patients affected by the chemical agent, including two paramedics from the Sham Humanitarian Foundation.  Area hospitals did not have protective masks to protect the staff from exposure and injury.

The Tashreen and Qaboun neighborhoods in eastern Damascus city, were also attacked yesterday with a chemical agent injuring dozens by intoxication and exposure to the poisonous gases.

In addition to the chemical attacks, the Ibn al Haitham pharmaceutical factory in western Aleppo was also put out of service yesterday, after the Mansurah town suffered an intense bombardment.

Dr. Khaula Sawah, board member of UOSSM USA said, “The rise in chemical attacks is alarming and must stop immediately. It is a war crime to use these types of weapons which are internationally banned, on civilians.  We call on the UN and all responsible parties to investigate and demand that these attacks stop immediately and to bring the perpetrators to justice. We ask the OPCW (Organization for the Prohibition Of Chemical Weapons) to fulfill it’s mandate and launch an immediate investigation into this attack and hold perpetrators responsible for these grievous violations of international law (UNSC-R 2118, UNSC-R 2209).”