Catastrophe Imminent if Aid Does Not Reach Al Rukban Camp

Texas- At least 55,000 people are at risk in Al Rukban refugee camp. According to community workers, 15 people have died this month alone, among them two babies. O n October 8, in less than 24 hours, two babies died in the camp. 4-month-old Huda Raslan died from malnutrition and lack of medical access. Munaf Al Mahmoud, a one year old baby, died due to the lack of adequate medical care.    In addition, there are 150 cases in urgent need of medical care.. Many of the internally displaced persons are women and children. The camp is in a desert with harsh living conditions. Severe malnutrition is widespread. No medical or humanitarian aid has been allowed in the area since January 2018.
Water is scarce, and refugees have resorted to drinking contaminated water at times, causing a rise in various illnesses. There is also major shortage of medicine, medical supplies, and baby formula. The camp is in southeastern Syria on the borders of Jordan and Iraq, and was built late 2015, by Syrians fleeing violence from several areas.
UOSSM is calling for immediate delivery of food, water and medical aid to be allowed into the camp, and for urgent cases to be allowed treatment in nearby hospitals.
Dr. Hussam Al Fakir, Chairman of UOSSM Intl. and Canadian Dentist said, “It is barbaric and illegal under international law to deny these civilians aid. Children are facing horrific malnutrition and are drinking contaminated water.” Al Fakir added, “Pregnant women are giving birth in the desert without even the most basic medical care. Those that desperately need cesarean sections have not been allowed to leave the camp and are in a perilous situation.  We cannot wait another minute to send aid to Al Rukban.”