BREAKING: UOSSM Urgently Appeals to End Military Escalation and Attacks On Idlib

Edinburg, TX – Idlib has come under major attack for the first time in four years. Reports of shelling and airstrikes on residential areas have caused death, injuries, and destruction, and forced tens of thousands of civilians to flee the violence. The military escalation began on Thursday, October 5.

As of October 6th, local health officials have confirmed at least 16 fatalities, which tragically includes five women, and two children, along with over 81 people injured, including 21 women, and 17 children.  Those numbers are expected to rise due to intensive shelling in the region.

Expressing deep concern over the escalating violence in northwest Syria, Dr. Ghanem Tayara, President of UOSSM International, conveyed his heartfelt condolences, and expressed his stand with the civilians and health staff in a phone call with one of the facilities operated by UOSSM.

A doctor in a UOSSM operated hospital said: “Every escalation results in innocent civilians paying the ultimate price. Families are tired. We are tired, yet we will always remain alert and ready to save lives and alleviate their pain.”

The escalation has taken a toll on critical infrastructure, including schools, and a power station. One attack was 50 meters away from one of UOSSM’s medical facilities in Idlib. In addition, preliminary reports indicate the use of internationally prohibited weapons.

UOSSM International has declared a state of emergency on more than 30 health facilities which are now operating under emergency protocol. Around 50 UOSSM ambulances are on standby for emergency response.

Dr. Tayara stated, “The number of violations of international humanitarian laws in Syria is immeasurable. People are entitled and have the right to live in peace and dignity in country where their human rights and well-being is secured by the state.”

Dr. Khaula Sawah, President of UOSSM USA said, “We are deeply concerned and alarmed that civilian neighborhoods are under attack yet again. Innocent children, women, and men are always the ones who pay the ultimate price. Our hearts go out to those families and communities who are in pain yet again. We call on the international community to put an immediate end to these attacks and to hold the perpetrators accountable.”