BREAKING: Reports of a Chemical Attack in Eastern Ghouta Affects at Least 50

Washington DC- Reports from doctors inside Ghouta are indicating there was a chlorine attack in Saqba and Hammouria in eastern Ghouta today around 9 p.m. Damascus time. According to the White Helmets, at least 50 civilians have been affected by the suspected gas, although area doctors are saying at least 100 have been affected. Dr. Imad Qabbani from Rural Damascus Health Directorate confirmed the suspected chlorine attack saying, “Due to the heavy bombardment mobility is impossible. At least two locations were targeted, our Health Directorate will issue a statement later about this attack.”
Affected victims are experiencing symptoms consistent with chlorine gas inhalation including: wheezing, hypoxia, coughing, dyspnea, and conjunctival erythema; there are no changes in the victims’ pupils. The victims’ clothing had a strong smell of chlorine. Witnesses confirmed that the smell of chlorine was observed in Kafr Batna .
The death toll today from attacks is at least 91 with hundreds wounded. Area doctors inside Ghouta say the area is under a fierce bombardment causing chaos and panic for the civilians hiding in shelters. Civil defense workers (The White Helmets) and first responders are experiencing severe difficulty getting to those wounded in attacks because of the severity of the relentless airstrikes and shelling. A total of 964 civilians have been killed and thousands wounded from February 18 to March 7 in eastern Ghouta.
Dr. Ghanem Tayara, Chairman of UOSSM International and Birmingham GP said, “It’s truly disturbing to hear about these chemical attacks on innocent civilians. They are already distraught and experiencing breathing problems in shelters underground, now in addition, they are suffocating from suspected chlorine! Where is the world? Where is the international community? It is outrageous that these types of attacks are taking place and the whole world is turning a blind eye. These attacks must stop immediately. We urge the Security Council to implement resolution 2401, provide basic protection to the citizens of Ghouta, give them a safe haven, and send monitors and UN observers to enforce the cease fire.”
UOSSM Requests:
1) The international community take immediate action to stop the slaughter of the people of Ghouta.
2)Join the global advocacy campaign on social media #TogetherForGhouta, #BreakGhoutaSeige & #SaveEastGhouta.
3) Call, write and meet your local and national political leaders. Urge them to take actions to end the siege and open safe aid corridors into Eastern Ghouta for: medical aid, food supplies and the immediate medical evacuation of 600+ patients in critical condition.
4) Organize events and hold vigils on behalf of the people of Eastern Ghouta.