BREAKING: Choking Chemical Weapons Attack in Aleppo Injures 128 Including 37 Children

On September 6, 2016 6:30 a.m. Damascus time, two barrels of a choking agent were dropped by helicopter on the civilian neighborhood of Al Sukari in the center of Aleppo. There was a total of 128 affected by the chemical weapon and were treated in area hospitals, some patients chose not to seek medical attention. No fatalities have been reported.

According to a chlorine toxicity report by the Free Aleppo Doctor’s Association, several patients were experiencing the following symptoms which is consistent with the symptoms of chlorine inhalation and exposure which is considered a choking agent, one of the types of chemical weapons defined by the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC): “difficulty breathing, a dry cough, sneezing and vomiting. Their clothing smelled like chlorine. Patients were also experiencing major tearing in their eyes, and many patients were suffocating and had major difficulty breathing.”

The report also stated, “A total of 71 patients were admitted into Al Quds Hospital, 37 were children, and 10 were women. 12 victims received first aid and were released, 22 victims were released between 2-4 hours after arrival to the hospital. 10 patients were admitted into intensive care, and one patient was put on a ventilator. One patient is 39 weeks pregnant, doctors are monitoring the heart rate of the fetus, which slowed down due to the attack, an emergency Cesarean Section may be performed if required. 24 patients were admitted into the pediatrics and internal medicine departments.”

A total of 21 patients were treated at Al Zarzour Hospital and 36 cases were reported at Omar Bin Abdul Aziz Hospital. This is the 173rd reported chlorine gas attack since the beginning of the conflict in Syria, and the 5th attack in the Jobar area in Damascus that has claimed the life of one medical staff.

The following links are videos taken by White Helmets responders treating patients: