BREAKING: Another UOSSM Staff Killed; Syrian Doctors Plead For Help In Daraa

Texas- Yusuf Ayyash, a UOSSM warehouse worker was killed today at 7 p.m. Damascus time by an airstrike, along with his wife and daughter. This is the third UOSSM staff member to be killed in Daraa in less than a week.
As the besiegement of Daraa escalates, four hospitals and one primary health care center were attacked and put out of service. Nearly 60,000 people have been displaced by the violence since June 19 and have nowhere to turn after Jordan closed its borders and the western suburbs went under siege.
The Al-Mseifra Hospital suffered extensive damage after three airstrikes. Saida Hospital, Al Harak Hospital, Al Jiza Hospital and Basr Al-Harir PHC were also bombed and put out of service in addition to reports of two Syrian Civil Defense Centers (White Helmets) being attacked.
Five medical staff have been killed (three staff from UOSSM) and at least 60 civilians were killed since June 19th.
“I am now in one of the hospitals in Daraa. The situation is catastrophic. There is a large number of wounded victims in hospitals, most of them are injuries in the limbs as a result of shrapnel and cluster bombs, in which civilians are getting targeted directly. Some of the wounded victims were evacuated to the western and southern areas of Daraa with neurological and eye injuries; we do not have adequate equipment to treat these injuries.” said Dr. Bahaa Mahameed , UOSSM Doctor in Daraa.
Dr. Ghanem Tayara, UOSSM Chairman and Birmingham UK GP said, “We have to bury yet another brave staff member today, bringing the toll to three staff deaths in less than a week. My heart goes out to the Ayyash family and we are all overcome with sadness. Yusuf was loved by staff and he will be dearly missed. Abdulhadi, our ambulance driver left behind five children when he was killed two days ago. Maysoun, a UOSSM midwife was killed six days ago along with her daughter, while her other daughter was severely injured. The perpetrators of these acts should be disgusted with themselves and what they have become.”
UOSSM condemns the targeting of civilians and medical facilities. In the strongest terms, UOSSM urges all parties to honor the terms of the deescalation agreement and the deconfliction of medical facilities, meant to identify and protect hospitals.
UOSSM asks for humanitarian corridors to be opened to Daraa and monitored by international observers to allow safe passage for internally displaced persons.