Breaking: 13th Medical Facility Bombed Today in Syria; 13 Civilians Killed

Texas- On May 8 at 6:00 a.m. Damascus time, The Kafr Zeta Primary Health Care Center in Hama, Syria was hit by an airstrike. The facility was heavily damaged and put out of service. No casualties or injuries were reported. This marked the 13th medical facility bombed in 11 days, crippling the medical infrastructure in the region.
The Hwejah Medical Center in Ghab Valley, Hama, Syria was damaged by an explosion in the surrounding area on May 7 at 6:50 p.m. Damascus time. No injuries or casualties were reported.
Civilian areas were also heavily targeted on May 7, resulting in at least 13 civilians killed and 70 injured. Over 200,000 people have been displaced in the region since April 21.
  • Five civilians, including a child and two women were killed, and 20 were wounded, including eight women and six children in the village of Ras al-Ayn.
  • A man and a girl were killed, and a woman and a girl were wounded in the town of Ma’arat Matar by an airstrike on the town.
  • Two civilians were killed and seven others injured in Marj Al-Zuhour as a result of airstrikes.
  • Two people were killed and one was injured when the outskirts of the northern town of Abdin were targeted by an explosive barrel bomb.
  • One man was killed and three civilians were wounded in the town of Barah, as a result of the shelling of the town.
  • A whole family (one man, one woman and two children) were injured in the village of Kansafra as a result of a barrel bomb attack.
  • Four civilians, including a child and two women, were wounded in an air strike on the homes of civilians, in the town of Billion.
  • Three children and a man were injured in the village of Bekfla, north of Jisr al-Shughur, as a result of an air strike. In addition, air raids targeted the village of the Palm Church in Jabal al-Wasatani.
  • Five civilians, including a child and a woman, were injured in the town of Kanfara as a result of air raids targeting civilian houses and farmland on the outskirts.
  • Three civilians, including a child, were also injured in Kahfra from a barrel bomb attack.
  • A civilian was injured at a farm in Abu Khanah east of Khan Sheikhoun, following artillery shelling, which also destroyed agricultural crops
  • A child and a man were wounded in the village of Sheikh Mustafa after explosives were fired from helicopter at the village
  • Eight civilians were wounded in Marj al-Zuhour following an artillery bombardment of the village from the camp of Gurin.
In the strongest terms, UOSSM condemns the attacks on civilians and medical facilities. UOSSM urges all parties to the conflict to find a peaceful resolution. UOSSM urges the UN Security Council and the international community to implement UNSC resolution 2286 for the protection of medical facilities and aid workers. We urge the international community to release emergency humanitarian funding for medical aid, shelter, food, water and sanitation.
*Casualty and displacement numbers fluctuate frequently as the conditions change on the ground.
Breaking: 13 th Medical Facility Bombed Today in Syria