Heavy Airstrikes Hit Eastern Ghouta, Over 90 Civilians Killed, Severe Medical Shortages Reported

A barrage of airstrikes targeted the Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta with activists reporting at least 50 strikes on Sunday, December 13. The death toll isreported at over 96 civilians, including at least 42 children. Over 300have been injured. The impact on infrastructure is widespread with damages to over 55 buildings, 5mosques, and 2 schools. Numerous medical facilities were hit,including a number of clinics and amedical laboratory. Hospital staff in thearea reported performing over 92emergency surgeries. There is a criticalshortage of medical supplies includinganesthesia, IV fluids, pain medicine, andantibiotics.

Physicians in Eastern Ghouta and UOSSM appeal to all international humanitarian relief organizations to support emergency relief efforts, including pressing to allow safe passage of medical aid to reach the besieged areas. “The situation in Eastern Ghouta is beyond catastrophic and demands an immediate response,” said Dr. Khaula Sawah, CEO of UOSSM USA. “Medical staff is overwhelmed with theamount of carnage and are doing the best they can with severely limited resources and working under the constant threat of bombing. We urgently appeal to the international community to support relief efforts to alleviate the humanitarian crisis in the besieged areas, and will continue to demand an end to the violence targeting civilians and medical staff,” said Sawah.